Welcome to the March Muses FamilyWelcome to the March Muses Family

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Christmas Decorations

Thinking back to Christmas of 2018, when my daughter and I were decorating our Christmas tree, it was her question of “Mummy, can fairies be Black?” that changed my world forever.  I was caught off guard as I turned to our tree filled with white Santa and white fairies.  After searching for days on end to find decorations that represented my family and I, I was flabbergasted to see that our only options were to ship all the way from the USA.  There were NO UK options!

Fueled with energy and determination, Alison and I walked into 2019 with a mission to diversify Christmas and other celebrations.  Not just for our children but for every child out there who had never ‘seen’ themselves at Christmas.

Our beautifully crafted, handmade Christmas decorations are what brought our dream to life and the great news is - we're not stopping there! We’re working hard to expand our range to cater to celebrations throughout the year. 

And after our immense success on Dragons’ Den and with the backing of two amazing Dragon’s (Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones), we are extremely grateful and excited to continue our mission of ensuring special moments and celebrations are always inclusive and diverse.