Diversity and Sustainability


It is important that March Muses upholds sustainable business practices and we encourage consumers and creatives to contact us with any suggestions or recommendations for how our sustainable practices might be improved.


    Our decorations are made from polymer clay which is composed of polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and liquid plasticiser. Although polymer clay is a plastic product, we know and hope our decorations are not single use and will have long lives in your collections and are regifted or taken to second-hand stores rather than to landfill.

    We have also taken steps to ensure that we are using polymer clay in the most sustainable manner possible.

    • All damaged decorations that are returned to us will be incorporated into new pieces.
    • No clay goes to waste during the making process and all clay scraps are saved to create new colours.

    Every industry impacts the environment in a different way and every company will have unique products, services, operations and situations. We are already looking at unique products to complement our existing range using wood, metal and glass and looking at how we ship our products from our suppliers to us.

    Sustainability and Diversity

    Many people often think of sustainability as just concerns about the environment, and that is often the easiest area of sustainability to track and measure. But sustainability encompasses far more than that and isn’tsolely based around production and consumption. We also have to consider the wider impact we have oncommunities, and the social benefits of certain products.

    Diversity and Inclusion, by its nature, deals with human rights. Sustainability efforts, especially when it comes to climate change, also deals with human rights. We are raising the next generation of changemakers, decision makers and leaders, and we believe our products amongst most things, are educational and vital in raising anti-racist children.

    Without our ability to reduce today’s discrimination and racism, we will not have a sustainable society tomorrow. Our products meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is about building something for the greater good that lasts, and diversity is the future.

    We at March Muses incorporate both initiatives into our business model.